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Lezolve® is an LLC focusing on data analytics, research and reporting, and data visualization.

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Notable Research and Reporting 


Eastern Virginia Medical School

Served as Quality Management/Assurance Analyst for Eastern Virginia Medical School at the Department of Biorepository. Check out the algorithm I created for them.

Wheeling Jesuit University

Project Associate for the institutional review of Wheeling Jesuit University, August 21-23, 2018. The Institutional Assessment was led by Dr. James V. Koch, President Emeritus of Old Dominion University and former President of University of Montana. This report is not available to public. Please contact to learn more about this project.

EVMS Impact Study

Served as a member of the economic impact studies team for Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS). As part of this project, I have collected and manipulated big data and provided support with data visualization.

Opioid Research and Write up for State of the Region Report

Contributing author for the chapter called "The Scourge of Opioids:" that was published in 2017 State of the Region (SOR) report produced by Old Dominion University located in Norfolk, VA. The State of the Region Report analyzes a wide range of economic, demographic, transportation, and defense-oriented topics for Hampton Roads and assesses its’ future progress. 

Kentucky Project

Part of the team that did economic impact study for Braidy Industries in Kentucky. I visualized the data using Microsoft Excel, created maps, and designed and managed website for this $1.3 billion Kentucky based industrial project.

Chesapeake Proffer

Served as a Project Associated for a two-person team that performed economic analysis of issues relating to the lake thrasher development in City of Chesapeake, Virginia. This report is not available to public. Please contact to learn more about this project.

University Ethnicity Data

This project included collection and manipulation of big data. There were hundreds of thousands of data that needed to be matched, manipulated, managed, and analyzed using Microsoft Access. The data were mostly collected from IPEDS and Delta Data websites.

Airbnb Project for City of Virginia Beach

Collected, manipulated, and visualized big data found through AIRDNA reports for the project assigned by City of Virginia Beach to Old Dominion University Economists to analyze the impact of Airbnb.

Chesapeake Regional Hospital

Collected, manipulated, and visualized data for the project called “A Spatial Analysis of Chesapeake Regional Health’s Open Heart Surgery COPN Application and Its Prospective COPN to Serve Military Veterans”.

City of Portsmouth

Collected, manipulated, and analyzed data for the project named “The Impact of Tolls on the City of Portsmouth” assigned by the City of Portsmouth to conduct economic impact analysis of how the impending tolls on the Downtown and Midtown in Portsmouth will impact residents, businesses and the government.

Opioid Research and Write up for State of the Commonwealth

Contributing author for the chapter called "The Scourge of Opioids:" that was published in 2017 State of the Commonwealth (SOC) report produced by Old Dominion University located in Norfolk, VA. The State of the Commonwealth Report (SOC) analyzes the economy and forecasts the future progress of Virginia and Virginia’s metropolitan areas including Hampton Roads, Northern Virginia, Richmond, Roanoke, and Lynchburg.

VA Beach Regional Salary

This was an economic impact study for Brickell & Partners Public Relations, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Dr. Koch led the project and I performed as a Data Wiz for the project.

Notable Publications

Ziniya Zahedi and James V. Koch. “A Tale of Two Tunnels: Economic Effects of Newly Imposed Tolls on Heavily Traveled Tunnel Venues in Virginia.” Journal of Regional Analysis & Policy, 2019.

Ziniya Zahedi, Aaron D. Arndt, Kenneth Evans, and Emmyrose Khan. “Competent or Threatening? When looking like a “Salesperson” is Disadvantageous.” Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 2018.

Ziniya Zahedi and James V. Koch. “The Effects of Role Models on College Graduation Rates.” Journal of Economics and Finance, 2018.

Ziniya Zahedi and Faisal Mahmud. Exploiting Ontology–Understanding a Domain of Discourse in Engineering Management. 2018 ASEM 2018 International Annual Conference.

Image by Jonas Jacobsson

Ziniya Zahedi and T. Steven Cotter. Research Agenda in Developing Core Reference Ontology for Human-Intelligence/Machine-Intelligence Electronic Medical Records System. ASEM 2018 International Annual Conference.

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