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I'm Ziniya Zahedi.

I Never Just Dream About Success. 

I Work For It.

Dear Readers/Friends/Visitors from another Galaxy

Hi and welcome to my website!


This is the space where I am supposed to write about what I do, what/where I studied, etc., but I am going to mix it up a bit. 


I am really passionate about so many things…it is easier to just say I want to know everything about everything, and plan to be a life-long learner!  At the top of my list is new technology, new applications, new languages (Spanish is my current undertaking) and, being a persistent FOODIE in search of the next delicious thing I haven’t yet tried!


I pride myself on rising to any challenge that life throws at me, and am determined not to back down when solutions seem scarce.  I have a diverse background, global sensibility, and well-developed sense of fun, and believe that hard work, innovation, and FUN go very well together!


If you are interested to know more about me, just shoot an email or connect through Social Media.


Wishing you all good things…


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© 2019 by Ziniya Zahedi.

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